Do more than just hire!

Reach, find and attract the brightest talent, while building your employer brand.

A product mix that works for you

From digital campaigns and face-to-face events, to telephone campaigns, webinars and end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing, we have a range of solutions to deliver the best results for you.

Unlimited job posts

Reach 180,000+ of the brightest students and graduates.

Company profile

Showcase your brand and marketing in our network.

Targeted newsletter

Incusion in our highly targeted weekly newsletter.

Drive direct traffic

Bespoke Targeted Email Campaign to drive direct traffic to job posts.

The High Growth platform

Access to the High Growth platform to source members directly.

Data Insights Engine

Create data-driven campaigns that offer real personalisation.

What’s more, our in-house technology enables us to find you the best hires at half the price of a Recruitment Consultant. With no up front cost, and long rebate periods, we are committed to finding you the best talent.

Highly-personalised campaigns tailored to your audience

Data underpins everything we do. Create highly-targeted and more effective campaigns to engage the exact graduates you want to reach. 70% of our network log in when they visit Bright Network. They customise their profile which lets us provide hyper-relevant and curated content and collect rich behavioural insights.

Improve relevance and engagement with your brand

With our Data Insights Engine you can create data-driven campaigns that offer real personalisation. From hyper-relevant live messaging to in-depth analysis of 10million+ pieces of data a year, everything we do enhances stronger connections and insights between employers and our members.

Reach talented STEM students

25% of our network studies a STEM subject. From computer scientists to engineers, physicists to mathematicians we make it easy for you to engage with this in-demand, exceptional pool of top talent.

Trusted by London’s fastest growing businesses

We want people who embrace change, find the unknown exciting and prioritise their own learning. Bright Network: High Growth allows me to find these people; I can read graduate profiles, and get in touch to describe not only our available roles but also share our culture and build relationships on that basis, from the get-go. The traditional “graduate job seeker” role is reversed.

Ginni Lisk, Talent Acquisition Manager, DueDil

The candidate pool was excellent and the service was extremely responsive – if you want to hire a great graduate cost effectively and quickly, Bright Network: High Growth is highly recommended!

Alex Stephany, Founder of Beam

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