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Find out more about the three different avenues that we use to connect the best sales, account management, and business development graduates with our clients

Contingent Recruitment

Our bespoke service that finds the perfect match for your roles. We source and screen candidates from our exceptional graduate pool that meet your specific requirements. From sending shortlists to organising interviews, we will help you to find great junior talent to grow your business.

Demo Day

We connect candidates with High Growth businesses ar our sector-specific Demo Day event that streamlines the recruitment process:

1. Attend when you`re hiring to connect with around 20 of our brightest graduates currently looking for roles.

2. See our members in action in activities we`ve designed to assess skills relevant to the sector

3. Get to know our members in a friendly and intimate setting before taking them to interview

Go from CV screen to making an offer, in just one day, by-passing the tedious elements of the hiring process

Self-Serve Platform

Our online marketplace of hyper-engaged, pre-screened graduate talent looking to work in sales, account management, and business development for a scaling business. Complete with AI Shortlisting, profiles complete with CV, and dedicated account management, it could not be simpler to find the best talent.

Only Pay When You Hire

Our goal is to make sure you will find and hire the best talent. We will not charge you before we reach that goal!

Our fee is rebated across 6 months. Hence if the person you hired only stays for 4 months you pay only for this period!

Calculate the cost per hire!

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